okaasan in vlessinge (zeeland, netherlands)

Out there in Zeeland

Living with the weather

After a short stay in Belgium near Brussels, we decided to visit Zeeland. Being the sea lover that I am, the stormy weather didn’t stop me from taking great pictures I hope I can share with you. My blog manager, Barbara Ferreres, just couldn’t help picturing me what I love doing the most: seeing the see, and taking pictures. 

As an artist from Occitanie I am used to great winds – look up our local Tramontane, who isn’t there to play games, visiting Vlessinge was thus a nice experience despite the stormy weather. 

I tried to picture the wilderness of the stormy Vlessinge as best as I could so stay in touch to discover all of this. Tomorrow we go for our last visit in Veere, which I hope will come with grat pictures – and great times!

What I re-discovered during my stay here is that you have to live with the sea, but you have to live with the weather. I was going to say that you can’t fight back against nature, but the architects from the Netherlands are quite good at that. 

What I mean is that you can build all the dykes you want, the sea and the weather will still have their way. There is nothing you can do about that except go with the flow and enjoy the moment. There are no bad weathers, only bad clothing and, I can understand that, a lack off will to go and fight the wind*

*This does not applies to natural disasters. Weather can really be dangerous, always check and follow directions given by your gouvernement and/or officials 

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